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About Us

Kashmir Carpentry was established in 1977. Founder of the Company Haji Abdul Ghani(late) and Haji Muhammad Siddique and managing director Ashiq Hussain S/O Haji Abdul Ghani and Rizwan Siddique S/O Haji Muhammad Siddique. Kashmir Carpentry has established a strong presence across the country U.A.E. Kashmir Carpentry has an excellent team to execute the project to small and large scale industries. We have a reputation in the industry for quality and the execution. We set it our customer satisfaction with high quality products and services. Since we have started we have a number of customers across the country U.A.E.


Vision & Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted and leading door trading company in Abu Dhabi, UAE by satisfying our customer’s needs. Our main focus is , to provide a product with better quality, genuine and latest technolgy. To actively pursue an excellent relationships by partnering with our customers, providing quality services and stand committed in meeting our employee’s and customer’s needs by exceeding their expectations. We committed to provide genuine product to the customers, even though they are ignore about the quality and material specifications. We focus to deliver the products on time with the customer satisfaction in all level.